Thursday, 7 June 2012

First EVER blog

So, this is my first blog post.  Normal teenager?  Me?  No, probally not!  You probally think I'm a posh idiot when I tell you about myself.  Well...
I'm fourteen
I have a horse (Called Pebbles)
I go to a grammar school!
Please don't judge me on things like that though.  Cos even if I am posh it shouldn't matter!

Thursday 7th June 2012
What have I done today.  Well I've been into town looking around phone shops and trying to convince by dad that I can get a phone with a contract.  I think I am getting a Blackberry 9300!  I know people might think they are shit but you know, their OK!
Other than that I've been on the computer and shit liek that watching things.  I've watched the final epiosode of Made In Cheslea OMFG!  I hate Kimberly so much.  Anyway Pirates Of the Carribean at world's end, fresh meat and like am now watching comedy stuff!
I havent done a blog before so like email what you want me to put more of by emailing:
Anyway might talk later
See ya  :)